Hello again.


is a brand by
Alina Shupikova,
a graphic designer
& visual artist and yes, also this girl in the picture.

She is based in Prague, eventually nomading around Europe & Asia. 


Get in touch at or +420774519906
We can talk about life & even create something visual. 
Also, here you can have look at my CV.


Here are some pretty pictures, also know as my Instagram.



Alina created a visual identity of our education company Škola psychologie (School of psychology, It was a pleasure to cooperate with her - she met deadlines, coped well with the brief and came up with something that we all love.

Petr Kačena, lecturer


Collaboration with Alina is pleasant and refreshing thanks to her creativity, fresh ideas, fast communication and precise delivery of materials. Her visual for the movie festival La Película is one of the best graphics we hadn here for more than a decade of the festival. According to the feedback, the campaign was clearly visible and effective thanks to the unusual visual. Alina has also collaborated on distributing the Amy documentary, or preparing the print media for Světozor cinema. We have always been fully satisfied with the imaginative solution and the reliable approach.

Honza Noháč, PR & Marketing, Kino Svetozor, Aerofilms


During the year that we are creating a printed magazine together, Alina's visual style enhanced notably. We have started doing the ZOOT magazine with minimal previous experience with periodicals, but Alina has shown she can handle such a risky task as a professional. She developed her own distinctive visual style, which surprises you after every turn of the page. At every opportunity, she searches for new ways for the magazine to move a bit, and is able to work under time pressure. In discussions and brainstorming, she always has a fresh look at the subject, does not go for the cliché and can leave her own ego behind his back. When needed, she can make compromises, but at the same time she defends her opinions. We even became great friends despite the frequent encounter of the "copy versus art director" opinions. It would be great to have more Alinas!

Thea Kucerova, Editor-in-Chief & Creative Content Strategist at ZOOT


Being playful, willing to experiment, enjoying what she does. Together with her natural visual sensitivity I believe Alina is always ready to find an interesting solution for any design task.

P.K., Prague College


Alina and I have worked on several projects that mostly involved web design and branding. Not being able to think in visuals, I’m glad I can just leave it up to her knowing that the outcome will always be spot on.

Filip Skaloud, freelance copywriter