Prague Fringe 2017


Prague Fringe is an English language theatre festival that takes place in Prague every year. 

For the 2017 they decided to do a complete identity overhaul. Throughout the year, we worked closely together with the wonderful Fringe team. The main aim was to create bold & fresh visual, that would communicate the free spirit of the festival. 

Among the overall concept, I also created the Fringeon - festival's mascot. 

The festival took place in May/June 2017. The website is live at 



The mosaic:
Prague's tiles  + city birds

To link the festival to Prague, I decided to draw inspiration from the omnipresent tiles & pavements, that destroy all the heels in the old part of the city. Therefore colorful abstract shapes are recreated from the actual tiles - in this case from a river bank called Naplavka.

This photo & above by Paula van Hagen. 

This photo & above by Paula van Hagen. 

This photo & above by Lika Gavrish. 

This photo & above by Lika Gavrish.